Nursing Philosophy

Nursing care at Hurley Medical Center (HMC) is based on principles of human dignity, compassion and respect for all persons, with particular sensitivity to the diverse cultures of those we serve. We practice patient- and family-centered care, continuously pursuing the highest quality of care and performance improvement to achieve the best health-related outcomes. Our nurses listen to and honor patient and family perspectives and choices. They compassionately deliver individualized nursing care based on the patient’s needs and patient/family preference. Hurley nurses care about our patients, in addition to caring for them.

The American Nursing Association Professional Nursing Standards and Code of Ethics are the foundation of nursing services delivered at HMC. Hurley nurses are obligated and accountable for adhering to these professional requirements, regardless of their assigned care and service setting. Our nurses’ observance of and adherence to these professional values facilitates individual and collective contributions to the professional nursing environment at HMC.

Hurley nurses believe that their relationship with patients and family members plays a significant role in the patient healing process, as well as in professional nurse satisfaction. Therefore, Hurley nurses support and encourage patient and family involvement in all aspects of care planning.

Nursing care at HMC is outcome-based and focuses on the return of patients to their community with the highest-possible level of functioning. To achieve this, our nurses understand that patient and family education is essential, and that this education also supports the health and welfare of our patients’ communities.

Hurley nurses are dedicated to helping patients return to optimum health and/or cope with chronic illness, and when necessary, they steadfastly support them as they experience a dignified and compassionate death.

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