Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound Technicians, also known as medical imaging technicians or diagnostic medical sonographers, use medical equipment to create images of patients’ bodies using high-frequency sound waves. They operate ultrasound equipment, record the outcomes of results, and present the results to a physician for interpretation. They can specialize in performing ultrasounds in focused areas such as obstetrics, ophthalmology, heart, brain, spinal cord or circulatory system.

One example of this type of work is checking on the condition of expectant mothers and their fetuses. Sonography technology, rather than radiography, can be used to check on the growth pattern and fetal position of the unborn child. Sonography also lessens the need for invasive procedures to determine the status of such bodily functions as the rate of heartbeat and blood circulation throughout the body.

Ultrasound technicians prepare patients for diagnostic imaging tests. They may lift or position patients, explain procedures to patients and keep records. They review images and decide which are suitable to be forwarded to physicians.